Re: Importing PADS dxf into ProE2001

I've had similar problems importing files from PADS. What I've had to
do was get the file into acad and save as a .dwg file, then create a
drawing in Pro/E and import the newly created acad .dwg file. Now that
I've got the drawing in Pro/E, I've got lots of editing to do. It's
very time consuming. I need to delete tons of stuff and play with
layers to get anything useful... just like you. Most of the time I
just need screw hole locations or "keep outs" and it's a slow process
to say the least.
In Pro/E, once I've got the drawing to a point where I can use it, I
export the drawing from Pro/E into IGES and then create a new part.
Now I create a csys offset from three planes (default DTM planes) and
then create a datum curve "From File" and select the IGES curve file
just created and place it at the new, movable csys. Now I can create
geometry based on the PC board file from PADS.
I'd be interested in knowing how to get around this issue also.
john wrote:
Wondering if anybody had problem with dxf files from PADS.
> I open dxf from ProE which generates a drw. It creates the board
> outline, pad geomtry,etc fine; but it also creates extraneous large
> filled pads all over the board area. Each filled pads is generated
> multi-times depending on number of layers. Tried deleting these, but
> because there hundreds of these, this takes up so much memory and it
> crashes. For some reason ProE imports all pad geometry into one layer
> called "0", even though other layers are there( pads_inner,
> pads_top,etc). Could not find any config options that helps to
this problem.
> Try importing PADS dxf into AutoCad and no problem. Various Pad
> geometry are correctly generated in assigned layers.
> Is there a special setup or configuration procedure in PADs that need
> to be done for ProE2001 import?
> John
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Isn't there a separately licensed translator that takes PADS output and turns it into solid models? Don't know what it is but I've used the .emn and .emp files it produces. Using those, I've created pretty accurate board and component models.
Re: 2D stuff, I had to load the DXF into ACAD and dimension that. Pro/e wouldn't touch it. Don't remember if there was an error code or if it just sat there and pretended to be bored. In any case, it didn't work. It was actually kind of nice to be reminded of some of the reasons I hated drafting software.
David Janes
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David Janes

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