Exporting point data to a text file

I need to modify an airfoil section and then export the new profile
as XY point data to our analysis program. Can Solidworks save
sketch point data as a text file?
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Phil Evans
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I got this to work with a simple file containing a few points in a sketch. It may not be suitable for your data. There is quite a bit of manual cleanup needed.
Convert the data into a sketch as points.
Suppress all possible features while leaving the sketch intact. (This reduces the amount of cleanup.)
Save as an IGES file, with the option to save sketch entities.
Open the IGES file in a text editor, and search for lines with 116 at the very start of the line. 116 is the IGES point entity.
Following 116, each line will have the X,Y and Z point coordinates separated by commas. There will be some other characters much later in each line.
Delete all lines which don't start with 116.
Save the file as a text file.
Bring this into Excel as comma-delimited, where it is much easier to delete the unwanted columns without dealing with word wrap and other text editing distractions.
There may be (should be) an easier way!
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Art Woodbury
Thanks, After further investigating the import function on my analysis software it will allow me to import an iges file. Tried it and it imports faithfully all the point data. It would appear strange though that Solidworks will create a curve by importing XYZ data but will not export it. Thanks
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