WF2-how do I copy a Coordinate system from one assy to another?

I have partially figured this out via cut and paste, but to get the Csys in the same location in the target assy, I have to reference the datums in the assy I'm copying from, which creates external references. I thought that I would be able to just add the 3 planes in the target assy as references and then delete the old ones but it will only accept 3 reference planes.

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Go ahead and reference the datum planes in ASM1 while defining the new CS in ASM2. However before finalizing the CS creation, highlight all

3 planes in the CS reference window (using CONTROL key), then select the default CS in ASM2. This will replace the 3 planes in ASM1 with the default CS in ASM2 as the defining reference for the new CS, all the whiule leaving the new CS in the same location relative to the 3 datum planes in ASM1, and eliminate all external references.
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have yopu thought of assembling the part via default coordinate systems. We use this whenever possible it will mean that your coordinates systems are in the same place.

cheers Craig

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This is a nice solution for copying co=F6rdinate sytems using the transform measurement as offset: It assumes there is at least one common coordinate system in your assemblies and a coordinate system which you want to copy.

In the base assembly. Got to Analysis -> Measure -> Transform Perform a measurement between the common coordinate system and the target coordinate system. (be aware to select the common one first) When the measure results appear, click on the blue i button. A Information windows with location data appears, in this window choose File -> save as... Save the .trf result file in a convenient location like the working directory. The location data is stored now and will stay stored till the file is overwritten or deleted.

Go to your target assembly. Make a new coordinate system. Select the common coordinate system as starting reference. Change offset type to =91from file=92. Select the .trf file created before. The new coordinate system will be placed with the exact displacement and angle from the base point as the coordinate system measured before.

The function is handy in different situations, but kinda hidden like PTC themselfs have forgotten it exists.

Please let me now if this method is what you where looking for. Joost.

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