Copy Surface From One Part To Another In Assembly

Does anyone know how to copy surfaces from one component to another in assembly mode? I am splitting a mold and want certain features to match exatcly from one component to another. (and be associative)


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Use offset surface with an offset of zero. Move/copy body may be more appropriate, if it works. I've never tried it in-context.

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Dale Dunn

As Dale Dunn mentioned, you can create a copy by using the Offset command with zero distance. An alternative (although counter-intuitive) is to use the Knit command instead. Knitting works even on a single surface or face to provide a duplicate.

The in-context duplication is another story and may (depending upon what you need) require an IGES export/import, for example.

You could export the duplicated surface via IGES out of one part file and then read it into the other; however, the challenge may be to set the coordinate systems so that the surface comes through in the right position in relation to the part's origin.

I guess I'd have to see exactly what you are look> Does anyone know how to copy surfaces from one component to another in

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I have used offset surfaces (with an offset of 0) to copy surfaces from one part to another in the context of an assembly. This works fine. You can also move/copy the offset surface with the Move/Copy function.

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John Eric Voltin

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