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I am bringing up an old thread regarding a way to show all manually
hidden edges in a drawing:
formatting link

Brenda D. Bosley posted some API code that would automatically do
this. I copied this into a new macro, but could not get it to work.
I'm no API guru. So, I can't troubleshoot it myself.
I have a drawing that someone has went through and hid literally
hundreds, if not thousands of edges. This will take days to unhide
manually. Does anyone already have a macro that will do this, or know
why this code is not working? Or is there an even easier way?
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Seth Renigar
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I un-hid all of the manually hidden edges in the drawing that I was working on. It took many hours. I have run across yet another drawing that has hundreds if not thousands of manually hidden edges that I would like to unhide. Also, I forsee about 10 more drawings following this one that I'm guessing be the same way.
Surely somebody has a macro they would be willing to share, or some other solution to help me unhide all of these edges.
Thank you, Seth
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Seth Renigar

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