Toggling (UNDO/REDO) of Hide & Show (Revisited)

A followup to a couple of threads regarding visibility toggling.

The Visibility Toggling macro was converted back to .swp and I was amazed at the increase in speed. It's something like 10X faster. Available at A free update will be sent out to registered users.

Thanks, Kent



Message 1 in thread From: SR ( Subject: Assembly Transparency View this article only Newsgroups: comp.cad.solidworks Date: 2003-11-14 09:40:54 PST

While the assembly transparency is nice, does anyone know how to turn all parts off with designing in-context? This wasn't much of a problem when I was designing small assemblies. I would just select the parts/subassys and "Hide", but now that I'm working on an assembly with more parts this is getting to be a real pain. I tried setting up configurations, but really what I want is to be able todo is toggle between showing the assembly components (Opague or Transparent) and hiding all the assembly components when I'm editing a part. Any feedback would be appreciated.



From: Todd ( Subject: Re: Assembly Transparency View this article only Newsgroups: comp.cad.solidworks Date: 2003-12-04 10:24:46 PST


What are your thoughts on this macro?

How slow? What seems to be the threshold of components where it's a pain to use?

I have a combo of free macros I'm using for this type of thing -- but with alot of parts they are dog slow.

Wouldn't be nice if SolidWorks Corp. put incredibly useful things like this into the software? I think it's great that SWX has a good API that allows this sort of thing but some on these things should be no-brainers for them to integrate into the code.




Message 1 in thread From: Per O. Hoel ( Subject: Toggling (UNDO/REDO) of Hide & Show Date: 2003-01-10 13:54:54 PST

I can't tell you how often (especially during presentations and development sessions) I'll select one or more parts to hide from view just TEMPORARILY.

Then, moments later, when it's time to redisplay them the hunt begins to locate the parts for selection within the Feature Manager. This reselection process can often be very tedious when the number of parts is large and especially when some are embedded within sub-assemblies.

Ideally it should be possible to simply click the UNDO button in order to revert to the previous display of components. Additionally, having a REDO for the display could allow for going back and forth quickly when hiding and showing the same selected parts repeatedly.

Setting up configurations to handle this is NOT a solution, since the need is for "on the fly" random selections!

If any of you have found a way to handle this efficiently using the existing user interface, please advise. I think an enhancement request is in order...

Per O. Hoel

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