Could someone else check sketch picture for me?

Home 2005 sp 3.0, Work 2005 sp 4.0. At home I can toggle the display to
HLV/HLR/wireframe and look through a solid to ensure that it matches the
underlying sketch picture used to create it with only some minor anomolies.
At work I cannot, when switching to any other than a shaded view I get a
message stating that it won't display properly. Viewing the part from the
same plane as the sketch picture lies in results in no display whatsoever of
any part edges.
Could someone else who is falmiliar with sketch picture use see if their
funtion is working as normal in sp4? I'd just like to know if its a box
specific issue before I update the home box to sp4. I am currently using
the latest certified drivers ( fire gl T2-128 ) at work and normal gaming
card drivers at home.
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Thanks, sounds like its possibly a video card driver specific issue then.
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SW has been known to mess with the display from one SP to another. Probably video related.
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