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Hey guys,
So I ran the 2005 SW Benchmark on my home computer and work computer. The
company I work for bought both. The home computer pretty much smoked the
work computer. Most scores were 1.6 compared to .8-1. The engine score was
five times greater.
So my question is should I bring my home computer to work and then I could
put 1gb more memory in it and a Quadro FX 1100 or 3000 and it would be good
to go. It has a geforce fx5850 and since it is a gaming card it gets funnky
problems. Then I would take my work computer home and put the 5850 in that
computer. The only issue is my work computer has dual Xeon 2.8ghz processors
which are good for when I am processing a CAM file I can work on something
else and not even know the difference. Were as the one at home is a single
Athlon FX51 and it become almost useless when computing the CAM file.
The other option is keep my work computer as is with the Quadro 750gxl, and
spend the money on a motherboard processor combo using the dual opterons. I
currently have 2gb of ram.
Thanks Mike Grant
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Mike Grant
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I have a dual Opteron for those exact reasons. You can build one pretty cheap these days as long as you go with the socket 940.
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When processing the CAM file, which I assume may take an hour or more, go into task manager and set the priority to low. Then you can use CAD on the FX51 and hardly know that the CAM file is being processed. I do the same thing with big FEA runs.
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Thanks guys
P. wrote:
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What Paul says is probably true unless you use Mastercam.
Mastercam grabs ahold of 100% of the processor resources as soon as it's launched. It will allow other progrms to run, but grudgingly. Running MC and SW concurrently on a single processor machine is a recipe for a crash and lost data. As far as I can tell, It doesn't honor the priority setting at all, but does become unstable.
Mastercam X is supposed to behave like any normal Windows program.
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Mark Mossberg

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