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The recent discussion about video cards has prompted this new thread.
As I mentioned in the other thread, I have been using a GeForce4 Ti4600 at
home for general computing and gaming. I also have used it occasionally
when I have had to bring work home with me. It has its limitations but no
more often than I use it for work, I have always worked around these
limitation. Now, however, I foresee a lot more work coming home with me in
the future and the limitations with my current card will be a large
I told my boss that I would need to upgrade my video card before I could
take anymore home with me. He told me that if it wasn't ridiculously
expensive that he would pay for it. I though to myself,"Cool".
So, now I have got to pick out a new card that will run SW very good.
Problem is, I need it to still perform well with games for my own personal
use. I am hoping I will get lots of suggestions here. I am pretty stuck on
using an nVidia card though since I have had such good luck with them.
In the other thread, Dennis said he was using a GeForceFX 5600 (gaming card)
using the latest approved Quadro drivers to overcome the GeForce limitations
for SW. This sounded interesting. However he didn't know how it would
effect gaming performance. Anyone got a clue? I thought if that would work
for the GF FX 5600 it would probably work for the 5700 or 5900 models. So
those seem to me like viable options if it doesn't effect gaming performance
in a negative way.
If it turns out that these aren't an option, then does anyone know how well
some of the QuadroFX cards perform with gaming. I have attempted to use
professional cards before for gaming (oxygen) with very poor results.
Therefore I am leery to try again unless someone out there can vouch for
there performance. Just glancing at the nVidia's website, I was thinking of
a QuadroFX 1100 or maybe even the 3000.
I know I've been wordy, but any suggestions here are greatly appreciated.
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Seth Renigar
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Ok, just got thru looking at some prices on these units that I mentioned as possibilities.
The GeForceFX prices are about where I expected them.
On the Quadro side, it looks like the QuadroFX 3000 is a little (read "a lot") out of range. We are probably talking more bout the QuadroFX 700 or up to possibly the 1100.
With that being said, I welcome comments regarding the previous post.
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Seth Renigar
Anyone, got any suggestions for me here?!?!?
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Seth Renigar
OK. My QuoadrFX 1100 has been excellent for CAD work. The problem I'm having is that the DirectX is borken. I don't know if it's a drivers issue, or an installation problem. It's on my list of things to look into someday.
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Dale Dunn
The Nvidia Quadro cards perform very well for gaming use since they are really the same thing as the GeForce series.
Actually, a Quadro will perform slightly worse in games than its GeForce equivalent, but only by 1-2% which is not noticable in typical game play.
As you implied, you could try a normal GeForce and use the hacks to turn it into a Quadro, BUT I do not recommend it as it can be tricky, and each new driver release can require a new patch (makes updating drivers difficult). I just think the added hastle is not worth it...just spend a bit more and get a Quadro.
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ATI FireGL cards. Recently certified by SolidWorks. They DO do RealView too. They are cost effective too. Said it before, but mine works pretty darn well.
I reviewed the low end one here
formatting link
For more info on ATI FireGL cards, you can go to their website here...
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Mr. Pickles
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Mr. Pickles

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