2004 Insert Sketch Snaps View Normal to Plane

Yesterday, while experimenting in SolidWorks 2004, everytime I
inserted a new sketch the view would automatically snap normal to the
selected plane or face.
This was quite frustrating, since I typically work in oddly rotated
and zoomed in views which had to be reset after each new sketch
shifted the viewpoint in an undesirable way.
I've seen this happen in 2004 before, but today the "snap normal"
behavior only happens to the first sketch inserted into an otherwise
blank part file. I'm glad to NOT be forced into head-on orthographic
views, but am afraid to be forced back into "normalcy" at random.
If anyone knows what may be responsible for this inconsistency, I'd
certainly be interested in hearing about the cause or means to control
BTW - Windows 2000 Pro, SP4 running SWKS 2004, SP1
Per O. Hoel
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Per O. Hoel
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Yes ...it snaps normal to the view You choose for the first sketch, which I find very handy.... I have not seen any attempts to do like this when inserting furthers skeches in the part...for that I have to find the appropriate viewpoint myself ....another new thing I like very much here is the rmb-insertion of sketches on planes or faces....great idea and very timesaving
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Krister L
I am glad someone else is seeing this also. I thought I was going crazy. I can be working with a part, inserting sketches and features (not counting the first one), and everything is fine. Then, all of the sudden, the next sketch that I insert automatically rotates the model normal to the sketch plane (still again, not the first sketch). It will do this over and over again until I restart SW. There are many, many new bugs similar to this in '04 that causes me to have to stop what I am doing, save and close all of my files, close and restart SW, at least 10 times a day.
Other bugs similar that causes me to have to restart SW often are: 1. While working on certain drawing document for a period of time, SW slows down drastically while trying to drag notes, dimensions, and especially drawing views. 2. After SW has been open for a little while, the only way to open a "read only" document is to use the file>open command, browse to the file that I want, click the "advanced" button, and then open. This takes forever compared to how I normally do it. Usually, I leave a Windows Explorer window open and simply double click or drag and drop the file that I want open. When SW gets a little tired, opening the files from Window Explorer does NOT work. It simply does nothing. 3. There are many others, these are just the biggies...
Seth Renigar
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Seth Renigar

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