Changing Display States Required a rebuild??

I normally use configurations for showing construction steps of an assembly.

My Var recommended using Display States instead.

When I was using configurations, when changing the configuration view , the assembly document did not require saving, (* next to file name), but when changing display states it does!

I have gone through all of the parts to make sure none of them require a save. any ideas??

How do you cope with revision control if the documents keep seeing a change? Especially if this assembly is a sub-assembly and you check-in the main assembly.

For example, if you print a drawing document, a change is seen and if you then close that drawing, it prompts you to save it. If you do, the printed and the saved document are no longer the same, so the revision will up 1


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It has been confirmed as another Solidworks software bug!!!!!!!

Rant ON

FFS Solidworks, sort this mess out, I feel like a bloody Beta tester at the moment. I make parts, then drawings, then assemblies and then more drawings, I have yet to get past the part stage without any software bugs WTF?

Even DwgEditor has major flaws. Pdmworks sometimes works and seems to be the most stable program that you produce.

Rant OFF

Please fix it, I really do like using Solidworks, but I don't have the time to find ways around all of the bugs. Thanks

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