cheap 4T porta power cylinder rebuild?

I have one of those inexpensive 4 ton porta power units. It has done yeoman duty for me since the mid-'80s but now the cylinder is leaking fluid around the top really badly. I have zero experience rebuilding hydraulics. Here's a similar unit in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

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Can anyone give me some tips as to how to rebuild this sucker? For a $65 replacement price obviously I could just get another one but if it's just a common O-ring and a little smarts then I'd sure like to know the procedure.

Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington

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Grant Erwin
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Man, you guys south of the 49th parallel have some really good deals on tools ! Between that and the 3 weeks of colder than a witch's *** I think I want to move south !!

As to the rebuild, up here a chain called 'Princess Auto' has rebuild kits for those units. Guess they're all 'made' in the same place.

You're right though, for the coins you'd get ALL new parts and have spares from the first.Sad reality with most items today,if you have to pay someone to fix 'it', cheaper to go buy another 'it'. Bad news for the repair shops and landfills.

Now if you decide to buy new and need to toss the old one out ........

Jay in Greensville,Ont.

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j.b. miller

Grant Erwin wrote in news:

There will be a seal of some sort in the end, probably two. One will be a wiper or o-ring to keep dirt from coming back with the rod, the other will be a pressure packing. I am not sure how that particular cylinder is made, but this seal can be teflon/plastic/rubber/some other material. It will most likely be some sort of multiple cup seal, with more than one sealing contact surface, due to the pressures involved. I suspect over the years, the dirt seal has degraded, allowing dirt to enter the cup seals damaging them, or the cup seals have hardened to the poin they will no longer seal. You should be able to disassemble the unit and find the seals you need at an industrial hydraulic supplier, or seal supplier.

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No reason *you* can't order this online too!

I order from Princess Auto all the time. I see they stock seals for the ram for $3.99CDN. That's sure cheap enough.

Tell you what, Jay, if I decide to do that, I'll definitely let you know.

This little unit is SO handy! I use it:

- fitting together steel weldments (to move things into line or clamp)

- to lift the back of my BP mill so I can put pipes under it to roll it out from the wall when it's too close for my machinery skate to fit behind it

- to move heavy machinery - ram between machine base and wall

- to straighten bent bits of truck bed or body

- to open stuck wood-sash windows

- to lift really heavy things into position for bolting

- to do tiny but really controllable lifting of lathe bed for slipping shims underneath for leveling


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Grant Erwin

Grant, Please be careful on disassembly some heads have a internal springs and can be quite leathal if done incorrectly. Not ment to discourage you just a heads up. George

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George Seal

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Grant Erwin

I've been playing in the snow just about every day for the last couple weeks, love it.

Just where is Greensville, I know Dog's Nest, Tory Hill, Irondale, Aberfeldy, but never been through Greensville; or did I blink at the wrong moment? OK, found it on the official road map half way between Flamborough and Dundas. You used to have a good restaurant nearby at Clappison's Corners but I don't see Big John's there anymore. Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

If it is like a jack, you shoudl have a big nut on the top. Undo this, and pull or pump th eram out. There is a seal on the ram and an oring as a wiper on the main body. A good seal palce should have the seals. Geoff

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geoff merryweather

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