porta band saw + cutting oil

Are any sort of cutting oils acceptable for use with a porta band saw (milwaukee in this case)? I'm mostly interested in cutting mild steel with the least amount of heat.

I'm worried about oils either eating the rubber "tire" or making the blade slip off.

I use tapping fluid with a hand hacksaw and there's less stuff to break in that situation.

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Cydrome Leader
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Beeswax or one of the more sophisticated wax based cutting sticks.

I've used some under the DoAll label that I picked up at a garage sale a good number of years ago. It also works well for tapping blind holes as the was pushes the chips out.

Check your favorite tool supplier.

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John Miller

"Cydrome Leader" wrote: (clip) I'm mostly interested in cutting mild steel with the least amount of heat. (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I think oil on the tires would not be good. I don't think you need any kind of lubricant or coolant to cut mild steel. Buy good blades, and run the saw at less than full speed. Limit the force on the cut, and you should be able to walk right through. If the saw is cutting slowly, I rock it, so it is not trying to cut the full width of the material.

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Leo Lichtman

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Dave Young

Mine (different brand, but rubber disks) has the same sticker. I ignored it. Just not too much oil, or the band will jump off. No damage to the rubber within 4 years / 10 bands.


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Nick Müller

I'd clean the tires after using oil. When cutting with a recip saw (sawsall) oil sure makes the blade last a long time.

Have you priced tires for your saw?

Wes S

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Not yet. I'm sure they cost more than a set of blades though.

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