Compound miter cutting with horizontal band saw

I would be very appreciative if someone could tell me how I could use my
horizontal band saw to cut compound angles on 16-18ga stainless steel formed
like a wood cove molding 12" wide?
Is there a proper setup instructions to achieve an outside 90 degree corner?
Is there a horizontal band saw made that will achieve compond miter cuts?
I look forward to your replies.
Dave Frankel
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Dave Frankel
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I think you have a nasty little job in front of you. My best guess would be to do it in a radial arm saw with an abrasive disc.
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I wouldn't think this would be a practical approach without wood blocks profiled for full contact on both sides of the cut, to prevent the piece from folding up during the cut. I'd most likely hand feed the depth. The blocks would need to be angled for the proper "lean" of the installed angle. That would bring the cutting height down a bit. You might have to rough cut to length, then feed from the drop side of the bandsaw at the approximately 45 degree angle.
This might require quite a few practice cuts, and at best, you might still have to grind and file for a good fit.
WB ................
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Wild Bill
--How many of these have you got to do? --I'm thinking you might want to use a plasma torch; you could make something for the torch to follow out of wood in a pinch...
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