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What's the best horizontal band saw for the money in the range of a 1" blade or so. I've seen several for around $1,000. I intend on looking for a gently used one, so want some input on brands. My little HF green one is still going strong, but I need a slightly larger one on some things.


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Steve B
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I'd sell you a Duall with a 254" X 1" blade for $750. Very nice saw, rebuilt and repainted for when I bought it. Only cut a couple pieces. I gave it to the kid. He wants a small one, can't make 'em happy.


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Karl Townsend

I have an old W.F. Wells machine that I picked up for about $200.00 For some reason it was set up with a 1/2" blade so I had to turn the wheels and change the bearings to get it to handle a 1" blade.

Works well :-) and I'm pretty happy with it. But if I had to do it over again, I would prolly go for a used Roll-In and tap some clamping holes in the deck.


Hang on a minute. I'll think of something soon!

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