Using Chop Saw to Cut Firewood

Gentle readers may recall I queried here a while ago about the feasibility
of installing a 14" circular wood saw blade in an abrasive metal chop saw
(to cut up small logs for firewood). I was also considering making a wood
chop saw with a somewhat larger blade and motor.
Anyhow, I finally decided to try the blade in the store-bought chop saw so
purchased a 36 tooth 14" carbide blade with a negative hook angle (this was
recommended to me by the saw store as the negative hook helps prevent
grabbing and blade self feeding). With this setup I can cut a 5 1/2" log in
one pass. I was concerned none-the-less that the chop saw motor would not
be up to the task as I had been advised from several sources that at least 3
HP would be required for a blade of that size. I was however pleasantly
surprised to find it cuts, dry wood at least, effortlessly.
Thought I would pass this on in case anyone else might be interested in this
method (rather than using a chain saw which I was trying to get away from in
the first place).
Laurie Forbes
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Laurie Forbes
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Wow, maybe I can use a 16" blade to cut 7x9 RR ties with my 16" chop saw ..
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Grant Erwin
well, the only negative hook angled blades that I've saw used to cut wood were used for the same firewood cutting, except that those weren't carbide plated. With carbide plated blades I've only used positive hooked ones for wood/chipboard/laminates. However, the negative angle plated ones are very good at aluminium as well, if they have a big number of teeth.
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Ioan Barladeanu
NOT!!!! RR ties are usually cresoted OAK and tough as the nails left in them!
Grant Erw> Laurie Forbes wrote:
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Forbes wrote:
In my limited experience, dry wood eats up a chain saw chains much faster than green wood. I was surprised at how easily we were able to cut dry wood with a chop saw with a wood blade. From what I've seen so far, the use of a chop saw seems preferable to using a chain saw. I envision using a chop saw for long logs, with one person cutting and the other guiding. I am wondering what you have learned since March. Any more advice?
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