Chop saw blade.

I have a Ridged Chop saw with a abrasive blade. When I don't take my
time ( I KNOW) my cuts are at a angle as the blade flexes. I was
watching Monster Garage the other night and they had a blade that looked
like a concrete saw blade. What were they using and are they
interchangeable with abrasive blades? Thanks
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There is a big difference in the amount of flex in cheap chop saw blades, and high quality ones. If you try a good blade, you might be pleasantly suprised . Makita is one brand I've had good results with.
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you saw a cold-saw blade !! cannot run on high speed chop saw. these are special high-grade carbide tipped blades made to cut metal at low speeds.
Orange County Choppers has a wet cold-saw, awesome tool.
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I got a Makita blade to use when the factory blade wears down. The factory blade is 3/32 and flexes slightly. The Makita is 4/32 which probably contributes additional stiffness.
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Thomas Kendrick
Yea I saw that one last night. Thanks for your insight.
Kryptoknight wrote:
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