wells horizontal band saw

I have someone selling an older wells band saw 9" wide cut. Condition
looks to be good. Has nice vise, he is looking to get $300.00 OBO Is
that a fare price?
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If you don't take it, let me know where it is....
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Ron Coffey
You can have ours at school, for a box of cut-off wheels.
It needs to be put back together, but should be useable. The Marvel saw we have now just makes it look so lame.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Wayne, that is a "retail used" price for an old Wells. If you want to really check it out, here are some things to look for:
noise in the gearbox signs of the saw blade cutting into things it shouldn't wear in the vise screw crummy feeling guide bearings burnt electrical smell from the motor cracking on the belts
I paid $300 for a seriously used Wells 58B in the Seattle area about 3 years ago (when machinery prices were considerably higher). I would personally suggest offering him $225 to start.
Wayne wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Bought a Wells 1250(?) that was in need of an overhaul. Has a 12x16 capacity and was orignally set up as an automatic cutoff saw. Paid $100 for it and spent another $450 to ship it and unload it. It's completely disassembled right now and will need a motor change as I don't have 440. Sounds like a most reasonable price if it's working.
Craig C. snipped-for-privacy@ev1.net
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You mean 9" deep cut? I have an older Wells 8M horizontal bandsaw. Before I bought it, I was watching ebay and the old bandsaws were either going cheap, like 200 to 250 or less, or not getting any bids if the reserve was too high. They have functional value but the market value is very low. You might get a better deal by spending a little more money on a much newer machine, sometimes they are available for $500 to $600. I usually go for cheap really old stuff but in this market spending a bit more for newer quality tools might be wiser, since prices are so low.
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