Value of Horizontal Band Saws

From some ebay watching it appears that big old horizontal band saws of the
Wells 8M era are probably worth less than $200, retail. Does this sound
about right?
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I'll take ten of 'em.
Seriously, I don't know what a Wells 8M is. I have a Wellsaw 58B, an older model, and it works *way* better than the little 4x6 saws that so many guys use. I paid $300 for it and that was a really good price.
You have to be careful that the saws aren't worn out. They get wear in the gearboxes and in the saw guides and in the downfeed mechanism. Wells is still in business, and I can order any part for my saw still.
Your use of the term "retail" is somewhat suspect IMO.
Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington
ATP wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Yeah, Ebay is somewhere in between wholesale and retail, depending on the type of item being sold. Usually ebay prices would be above what a machinery dealer would pay for it.
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I can't say about that particular model, but horizontal bandsaws seem to be going really high on eBay. (Maybe just the asking prices are real high, I didn't see too many bids.)
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Jon Elson

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