[SOLVED] Flatten Spline

I need to be able to flatten an extrusion defined by a spline. This
will be used to create a manufacturing template used to construct a
light reflector. The curve of the reflector is defined by a spline.
The final reflector will be faceted as it revolves around the bulb and
a continuous cure defined by a spline looking at the side view.
Solidwork's sheetmetal flatten seems to not like splines. Is there
some way to work around this. It doesnt need to be sheetmetal. I
just need to create a drawing of the flattened spline curve extrusion.
When flattened properly the edges of the extrusion will be curved.
Getting that curve onto a drawing is the ultimate goal.
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Bill Jones
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Check out "Lofted Bends" in Help. It can flatten a spline.
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
Thanks Mike, worked perfect.
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Bill Jones

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