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We have a directory of toolbox parts that are located on a shared server directoy. We are also using PDMWOrks for our revision management. I have configured the PDMWorks to properly account for the toolbox parts by adding the path to the list of directories on the Toolbox tab of the VaultAdmin application. All is well so far that PDMWorks recognizes the toolbox parts, and adds the "references" to the PDMWorks projects. We also have the new multiuser environment features enabled in SWX and PDMWx.

Here is my problem,

I would like to edit a toolbox part to add a configuration with a new length, but I am not allowed to obtain write access for the file. When I click on File->Get Write Access from inside SWX, I get the following error:

You Cannot get write access to file '\\Server\SolidWorks\Purchased Parts\Paletti\SP0401N.SLDPRT' because it is owned by 'System' in your PDMWorks vault.

How can I configure the system to allow me to edit the toolbox parts? I thought PDMWorks was only supposed to make a casual reference to toolbox parts, and not have any actual control over the files?

Thanks! Dave

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I know that it does not answer your immediate problem, but you may want to take a look at DBworks PDM, it does not present this problem.

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Forgot this.....

SWX 2005 Office Pro with SP 2, as well as PDMWx updated with SP 2.


Dave Nay wrote:

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Dave Nay


it sounds to me like Toolbox has taken control of the file and won't let you make changes. If you change it using the Toolbox interface, I bet it will work, but manually trying to add a config probably won't. Does the upper left of the SW window right after the Toolbox part file name say "Read Only"?

Toolbox is a mess. What;s needed is a library of parts, and what is offered is a program that creates parts as you need them. Using the configuration setting that you have is the default setting, and also the worst imaginable way of setting it up, especially with a PDM product.

I usually recommend that people use the "Copy Parts" setting, and actually check parts into the vault. It eliminates a lot of problems. Of course changing to "copy parts" after you've been using configurations creates a whole new set of problems, and basically requires you to install fresh TB library parts and data base. There are ways of dealing with your existing assemblies with configured TB parts, but it's a kludge.

There's very little good news about Toolbox unless your computer isn't hooked up to the network and you don't share files with other SW users.

Matt check out

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Dave Nay wrote in news:9e6dnW_rIJ30TMffRVn- snipped-for-privacy@mssinternet.com:

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I guess I have some terminology mixed up here (actually, I think SWX can't keep it straight). I have not actually imported these parts into the Toolbox, via the "Add My Parts" wizard. I tried that way back when I had my evaluation setup, and determined that it was a really bad plan.

Yes, when I open the file it says it is Read-Only. I get the error when I go to File->Get Write Access.

This is what I have (aimed for?). The collection of parts just reside on the server directory, and are referenced in multiple project assemblies. They are almost all purchased parts, so there is no need to revision manage them in PDMWx.

Again, I am sure there is some terminology mixing here. I have added my "Library" path to the "Toolbox" tab of PDMWx as a directory to ignore when managing parts, and yet for some reason PDMWx has control of those files.



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turn off pdmw addin, edit part, save, turn on pdmw addin.

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