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I have Toolbox set up to make a copy of each part onto a network drive, so
that we can all us the same definitions.
This works fine. If I add a part from the Toolbox that has already been
created, it asks if I would like to use the existing part - also fine,
although I'd prefer it to do this automatically.
What I tried today (only recently noticed the command) was swapping a
fastener for one of a different length by right-clicking on it and selecting
"edit toolbox definition".
"Great" I thought, this will save me creating the different length fastener
and then doing a "replace component" in the assembly.
But what SWX actually does is to make a new configuration of the fastener,
despite using the option to create all items as unique copied files!
What a load of crap.
To be fair, it warned me it would do this, although I thought/hoped that it
would then check its system settings and actually make a copy, but no such
Anyone else encountered this before?
John H
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John H
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Yes, unfortunately. There are so many inconsistencies in Toolbox, I wonder if they'll ever be sorted out. Let's see: proper nomenclature, real material properties, consistent part number for no thread or simplified thread (thread display should be a cosmetic feature and not a different part number), sketches sized so temporary fastener axes aren't several times the fastener length, default installation to be copied part instead of configurations, etc.
I'm at the point of dropping Toolbox as an interactive tool and just using it to populate a hardware library as needed.
Art W
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Art Woodbury

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