Can't save hole favorites with symbols?

I have about 16 hole favorites I have created (holes for various PEM
hardware), and if I click on save favorites I get a message... The filename
cannot contain any of these characters @ \ / : * ? \ " < > |
I understand that... and,
I like my names " CLS 8-32 Hole (0.213") " but of course cannot save them...
of course I used a " symbol...
Also if you just add a size "G" hole it is "G (0.261) Diameter Hole" (the
default name SW gives)... you cannot save that one either... what is up with
that? I do not see that in the "illegal" list of characters...
Is my install messed up, or just cannot use ( ) either even though it is not
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Aron (
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Aron, It's the full stop, (period), that is the problem, I think. It looks like a file extention, test.doc, for example. CLS 8-32 Hole (0.213") change to CLS 8-32 Hole (0-213")
CLS 8-32 Hole (0.213")
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Or just drop the period all together like 0213. This is a somewhat common practice.
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