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Hole Wizard favorites started looking like something that were pretty cool. Maybe I'm missing something on these, because seemingly obvious stuff doesn't make sense, at least to me. Maybe someone can 'splain it.

First, favorites are created by hole type (cbr, csk, etc), so you have to pick the type first to be able to see the favorites of that type. Seems to just add a click to a function that was meant to reduce clicks. Am I missing something here?

And then once you make one, and it names it something like "CBORE for

1/4 Socket Head Cap Screw" (which is the automatic name, and then try to save it, you get the error that you cannot save a file with a character like "/" in the name, which of course you know, but you didn't know that saving a favorite saves a file, I thought maybe it saved some text to a file. Is this another example where the defaults are designed to not work? Why should it automatically create a name that can't be saved? Is automation really benefitting anyone here?

Where are the other potholes in the road for this feature?

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I came across the same type of issue with PDMWorks users/groups. Create one with a reserved windows character and it, give it certain project permissions and then login as that user. Those project permissions aren't there because the text file holding those permissions never got created because of the invalid character. But SolidWorks never dinged the PDMWorks Vault administrator. It was a little frustrating to say the least.

Also, the Open/Save window not maintaining its previous size. Isn't that standard windows operation these days. Finally 2007 does it.

Steve O

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