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Does anybody know of an automatic way of saving as a PDF, like when you finish working on a drawing and along with saving the drawing it also does a save as PDF to a pre-determined directory?

Is there a macro out there that will do this?

A seperate program to do this? And yes, I would be willing to pay for a program that does this.

Thanks, Richard

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Richard Charney
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I have macro button that when clicked saves pdf copy to the proper dir depending on file name

I use it instead print button and I do hard copy from acrobat

working on a drawing and along with

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Solidworks doesn't do this directly but to be honest, it should incorporate this as an option for drawings. What you could do however is create a macro and assign this to a button that runs the macro. You could use this button as your new "save" button. You could even assign it the save picture so it looks like the original if you wanted to.

What I use is a batch program that just takes a bunch of drawings and converts them to pdf's in their working directory. This of course is a second process but it's what I'm used to doing.

I've clipped some of the macro and altered it a little to do what you want. I'm sure this can be cleaned up, but for now this works. Just create an empty macro and paste this.

Sub main()

Dim swapp As Object Dim part As Object Dim FileName As String Dim NewFileName As String Dim FilePath As String Dim FileCount As String Dim fileOpenErrors As Long Dim PartNo As String Dim Name As String Dim num1 As Integer Dim num2 As Integer Dim Counter As Integer Dim TypeFile As Long Dim TypeFileSave As String Dim str1 As String Dim SaveRetval As Long Dim DirRetval As Boolean Dim CurrDirFilePath As String Dim tempstr As String Dim tempstr2 As String

Set swapp = Application.SldWorks Set part = swapp.ActiveDoc

FilePath = part.GetPathName FileName = part.GetTitle

num1 = InStr(FileName, ".SLDPRT") num2 = InStr(FileName, ".sldprt") If num1 Or num2 Then TypeFile = 1 TypeFileSave = ".SLDPRT" End If

num1 = InStr(FileName, ".SLDASM") num2 = InStr(FileName, ".sldasm") If num1 Or num2 Then TypeFile = 2 TypeFileSave = ".SLDASM" End If

num1 = InStr(FileName, ".SLDDRW") num2 = InStr(FileName, ".slddrw") If num1 Or num2 Then TypeFile = 3 TypeFileSave = ".SLDDRW" End If

'Set working Directory For num2 = Len(FilePath) To 1 Step -1 If Mid(FilePath, num2, 1) = "\" Then CurrDirFilePath = Left(FilePath, num2 - 1) num2 = 1 End If Next num2

DirRetval = swapp.SetCurrentWorkingDirectory(CurrDirFilePath)

Let tempstr = FileName If UCase(Right(tempstr, 7)) = ".SLDDRW" Then tempstr = Left(tempstr, Len(tempstr) - 7) NewFileName = tempstr SaveRetval = part.SaveAs2(NewFileName & ".pdf", 0, True, False)

If SaveRetval 0 Then MsgBox "There was an error saving " & FileName & " to " & ".pdf" & " possibly because of READ ONLY or ILLEGAL character such as the @ symbol or just left blank" End If

retval = part.Save2(0) swapp.CloseDoc (FileName)


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DBWorks PDM/PLM will do this automatically for you...keeping the drawing and PDF associated to each other.. plus every time you revise the drawing it automatically update the pdf.

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PDMWorks 2008 will do this if you choose. (you can download now from the web) No need for a macro... not sure if you have SolidWorks Office Pro, if you do, you will already have PDMWorks.

Cheers, Just> Does anybody know of an automatic way of saving as a PDF, like when you

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Aside from not being automatic, please also check out the macro found here:

formatting link
It provides three methods for determining save location (the default is the one you asked for). Methods used in this macro can be used to make other macros as well.

Matt Lorono

formatting link

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Check out PAK4SWX at

formatting link
This allows batch conversions but is not an automatic way. You still have to tell it to save.

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Thanks everybody for their input! I'm sure I'll be able to get something working from all this input.


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Richard Charney

Hi, check out these free tools:

formatting link
-> SolidWorks ->

SWxx-tools -> SWup and SWupSE


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Markku Lehtola

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