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SW 2005. Have Add-Ins - Save AS PDF checked, but there is no PDF option in the save as file type list. Seem to remember it working (didn't use it all that often) in 2004. Is this a bug, purposely left out of 2005, or did I maybe have the option de-selected when I installed 05.

Thanks - Sean

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First of all, I have noticed that it is easy to miss the pdf entry in the file type list. The pdf entry is short and I have seen one or two people fail to notice it.

Otherwise, double check that the Save As PDF Add-In is checked and you should see pdf on the Save As... file type list. Save As PDF won't show up on your Add-In list if its not installed.

If these approaches don't solve your problem, I would suggest contacting your VAR.

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John Eric Voltin

further... if you check your listed printers in windows you should see one for Bluebeam? AFAIK SW installs it by default if you did a std install. ....perhaps you did not have AV turned off could try doing a repair on your SW install in the hope of fixing a problem with it. Failing that, as John says ,contact your VAR. Bluebeam also shows up in the XP events log as a separate entry as it is installed/removed or a sp updates it. HTH

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