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We need to write a macro that opens all parts in a dir one at a time, put it in "hidden lines", goes to the first config, zoom to isometric, save as jpeg name: "filename + configname" - Loop config - Loop next part.

I plan to start with a macro of what I can do with SW, and give it to one of our IT guy to play with. But as there could be something close already done, I wonder if anyone knows of some code we could start with.


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Jean Marc
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Here's the code from one that I use tosave out a jpg file.

' ************************************************************** ' JPG Save Macro Created by Matthew Poster on 11/20/2000 ' ' This Macro does the following: ' 1) Attaches to current SW session ' 2) Checks to see if a SW file is open, if so ' 3) Attaches to active SW File I.E. part, assembly, drawing if not sends a message to the user ' 4) If a SW file is open saves JPG image to current directory and adds xxx number suffix to the end ' 5) If JPG exists in directory already it saves by incrementing the suffix ' **************************************************************

' Use Option Explicit to avoid mistakes and frustration. With it VB makes sure you declare ' all your variables kind of like eating all you vegetables. Option Explicit

' Object type variables Dim objSwApp As Object Dim objFile As Object

' Boolean type variables Dim boolstatus As Boolean

' Long type variables Dim longstatus As Long

' String type variables Dim ExistingFile As String

' Declaring file name variables Dim fnameLength Dim fName Dim x

' Beginning of macro Sub main()

' Attach to the current SW session Set objSwApp = CreateObject("SldWorks.Application")

' Attach to the current active file to be worked on Set objFile = objSwApp.ActiveDoc

' Error checker to see if a file is open If objFile Is Nothing Then

' If nothing is loaded then notify the user objSwApp.SendMsgToUser ("Please open a SolidWorks File!")

' ends macro End

' End the If then statement End If

fnameLength = Len(objFile.GetPathName) - 6 'Strip the file extension but leave "." so if objFile number is a # it won't be affected fName = Left(objFile.GetPathName, fnameLength)

' check to see if directory has fName.x.jpg and increment x ' until there are no files of that extension x = 1

While 1 = 1 'Repeat loop until kicked out ExistingFile = Dir(fName & x & ".JPG") If ExistingFile = "" Then GoTo GotExtensionName 'no file of that suffix exists x = x + 1 Wend ' End of While Loop

GotExtensionName: 'we know which value of x to use

objFile.SaveAs2 fName & x & ".JPG", 0, True, False ' newName, saveAsVersion, saveAsCopy, silent

End Sub

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Wayne Tiffany

hat opens all parts in a dir one at a time,


Do you have a source for that code, like where I can contact Matthew Poster?


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No, sorry. It's just something I picked up somewhere, obviously it was created several years ago. Maybe he's lurking here??


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Wayne Tiffany

Thanks for the answers, we'll see what we can do. If anything usable i'll make it available here. JM

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