Timestamp filename when choosing "save as"

When picking the "save as" option, SolidWorks comes up with a filename
like part1.sldprt.
To prevent storing parts with the same file name, we'd like to get a
timestamp in the filename field. So when a new part is created,
SolidWorks doesn't prompt with part1.sldprt, but with something like
010605151530.sldprt. (June 1st 2005, 15:15 and 30 seconds).
Anybody an idea to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance,
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That's a possibility. I have asked the owner of the website to send me a copy of this software while it is currently not available for download.
Besides that, I am still interested to hear from somebody how we can solve this problem by using a VB macro.
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how about using SWas? you can use any attributes that you have in your models to define the filename. (for me, just using date looks messy, it doens't tell me anything about the model itself)
free download:
formatting link

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Markku Lehtola
My intention was to make a macro which opened the "save as" dialog box, and filled in a timestamp as file name. The current user could modify the filename in something like "mycreation_timestamp.sldprt". When this was done, I was sure, there was no other file with the same name. It seems to be a little difficult to make this.
Maybe has somebody else a solution to solve this?
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