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Does any body have a batch file that allows us to save a group of tiff files in SW. We have to do multi sheet drawings as tiff images and having to manually switch sheets and save each sheet is a real time killer. Thanks.

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I've a couple macro's for this. One saves a tiff of the active drawing to the same folder. A second asks for a source and destination folder, then TIFFs all drawings in that folder. Both truncate the original filename to

20 characters (our MRP requirement) and add a " -s*" at the end of all TIFF files for sheet number. A third is the same as the second but adds a revision at the end of the filename pulled from a drawing note. They also set TIFF ouput options to what we designated as our standard. They're all fairly simple and easy to modify.

If you'd like any, let me know and I'll e-mail them to you. Dave

P.S. I was really hoping SW would add multi-sheet TIFF capability in SW2004, but it doesn't look like it.

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Dave L

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Yu may want to look at my batch print and batch convert tool PAC4SWX, which can handle multisheet drawings and will take care of the different sheet sizes when exporting to TIFF.

Info and free download of a 30 day full functional shareware version at

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HTH, Stefan

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Stefan Berlitz

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