File size cut in half with save as..

When I do a save as to a new file name of a part or a drawing the file size
gets cut in half, but they still look the same. Is this a safe way to
PURGE a file and get the file size down?
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Bernd Hoffmann
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Yes it is but if you are sending it in for bug verification or repair it is best to send the bloated file. You also should be very careful of your file names and links to other files if you aren't careful it can cause a real mess.
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Corey Scheich
Yes, it's all good. Over time, with use the file will eventually grow back to about what it was. ECO-squeeze is often mentioned as a means of greatly reducing filesizes, but mostly it's for file transport purposes, used after Zipping files I think.
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Bernd Hoffmann wrote:
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whit wrote in news:
FYI, ECO-squeeze is not recommended by SW. Nobody has had a problem that I've heard of though. Apparently, some of the information removed by ECO- squeeze can be used for debugging by SW in extreme cases.
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Dale Dunn
On our network, our "standard" parts are stored for reference access to all. To ensure that they are not changed, I set them all to read-only. I also use Unfrag to shrink them before setting the bit, and I don't know of any issues related to doing that.
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Wayne Tiffany

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