File missing.. can't save environment settings.

Hello. i'm new to PE and got this problem : after the installation of the
soft there is no file (the file is not created) to save my
personal settings like display's color, shading quality, rotation view
options, custom views, etc... i've tried to reinstall but get nothing, so
it's very anoying to reset my settings at every session. The only thing that
i can save is the display color but i have to load the file at every
session, what's wrong ?.
Can anybody please send me the damned file so i can keep my personnal
setting like a normal human beeing ?
(PE Wildfire 2002490)
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Luís Dantas
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Luis, welcome to the wild and wacky world of Pro/GOOFY, the secret joke module inside of Pro/E. It is PTC's exciting way of introducing you, the user, to a not normal program for not normal people. At least they assume that if we are normal, we'll just have to adapt or come up with some kind of goofy 'workaround'.
Acutally, the secret is that you have the whole file ~ in memory. When you go to 'Tools>Options' right after installing the software, the options list will be blank. The joke is that there will be a box checked that says 'Show only options loaded from file', but there is no file so no options are shown. If you uncheck this box, it will show you all the options loaded as 'Current session'. Some options may not appear on this list but you can usually find them with 'Find' at hte bottom.
After you have the options list showing, I'd suggest that you arrange these cryptic C++ variable names by type. At the top right, you'll see a box marked 'Sort by'. Click the arrow to get the list box and select 'By category'. This gives you a fighting chance of finding the option you need to set, unless you already know the names. Then you could just leave it at the default 'Alphabetical'.
Before you get too deeply into changing options, it would be a good idea to store the current options to disk as a file. You do this at the top with the disk icon. Pressing this will give you an input box to enter a file name. When you've finished this, you'll have a file at the default directory location. If you want to store it somewhere else, you can browse to another location. But if it's not at this initial location, it won't load automatically when you start Pro/e.
One other area of personalized settings is available through 'Tools>Customize screen' and controls such things as the arrangement of icons, how the model tree is shown. To load these settings, you must save this file at the same default location as the A check box marked 'Automatically save to' should be checked and the path name should appear on the input line. If it's not the correct location, click the arrow and select browse from the list.
If you'd like to see a well written PTC product with a normal interface and way of setting options, check out Pro/DESKTOP. The Express version is a free download from PTC.COM.
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David Janes
Pro/DESKTOP is crap, like a bad imitation of SolidWorks, which is also crap. By 'normal' interface I take it you mean Microsoft Office, which is also crap. CAD != Standard Windows App.
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