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hello everybody.

i've changed the colors of the screen to my convenience and i've saved those settings in a syscol.scl file in the working directory. my problem is that this file is not loaded at startup. the help says that the must point to this file to load it when proe start. how do i do this ?. Another thing, after severall tries i cannot save my personnal settings to even if i put the file in the required locations (working directory, /proe/text/, tec...) proe still load with default settings. How the hell can i change this ? thanks in advance. Luís.

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Luís Dantas
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Here are some example file callouts in my config pro:

pro_colormap_path I:\Pro\ mdl_tree_cfg_file I:\PRO\TREE.CFG system_colors_file I:\Pro\SYSCOL.SCL

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Look at the Configuration Options manual.

Pro/E loads files in this order:

$loadpoint/proe$ver/text/ $home $workingdir

Your personal should be in your home directory. Check that $home is correctly set. Check that the permissions are correct. Remove any uncessary files from the system. And I recommend that you edit your config by hand (and audit it with something like check_config) just so you know exactly what's going on.


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