pro e 4 does not load local configuration

Pro E Wildfire 4 ignores the local and in the "target directory".

In which cases do ProE load the files?


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Roland Ertelt
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Pro E Wildfire 4 ignores the local and in the "target directory".

In which cases do ProE load the files?


This is the order in which Pro/e loads files. I'm using CREO 2.0 but it = has been this way forever. If you had an Installation Guide, this is = pretty near the beginning:

=E2=80=9C1. \Common Files\\text

(creo_loadpoint is the Creo application installation = directory)=E2=80=94Your

system administrator may have put configuration files in this location = to

support company standards for windows configuration settings, formats, = and

libraries. Any user starting a Creo application from this loadpoint uses = the

values in this file.

  1. HOME environment variable=E2=80=94You can set this environment = variable to point

to a directory created for your login ID. You can place your = configuration

files here to start the Creo application from any folder without having = to copy

the files in each folder.

  1. Startup directory=E2=80=94This is your current or the working = directory when you

start a Creo application. Since the local configuration files = (,, and in this directory are the last to be

read, they override any conflicting configuration file option entries. = The file does not, however, override any config.sup = entries.=E2=80=9D

You will have to figure out how your =E2=80=9Ctarget directory=E2=80=9D = relates to the above. I suspect to point 1 which is PTC=E2=80=99s = default location. You could replace whatever PTC puts there with your = own. You can find out what it is currently loading from = =E2=80=98Tools>Options=E2=80=99 and seeing what path(s) it lists. There = may be may be more than one place from which options are being loaded. = Check for options being loaded from point 3 above, the Startup = directory. This is the directory it shows, by default, when you do = =E2=80=9Cset working directory=E2=80=9D. This is actually the best, most = reliable place to put your options files as it loads those options last.

David Janes

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