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Any good news on importing of Pro/E files in SW 2004?

This is becoming more and more of an issue with us as all our customer's are now going to 'model based' ducumentation instead of drawings. And of course most of them use Pro/E...

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Not Necessarily Me
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If indeed "all" of your customers are using ProE, maybe it's time to consider moving away from SW. I'm not sure of the type of work your company does, but we've had fairly good results using STEP files for transferring info. But we don't have a large proportion of customers that are using a particular CAD system..

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Ray Reynolds

As of now, no translator exists for encrypted files. Don't hold your breath either. I'm sure this is a complicated issue that may never be resolve. Maybe someone can create a freebie that decrypts the files. Either way I still don't think you can import feature geometry, though I could be wrong.

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Jeff N

From what I understand, Paul, though wildfire is coming in at the same price, by the time you get the same functionality that you get for the base price of SW, you are back up there in the "too much for me" category. Not that i am knocking it, just wondering. I must say that the warp tool in wildfire is HOT...blows the heels off of the deform tool in SW.

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Arthur Y-S

We use Delcam PS-Exchange, but you do not have to buy a license you can pay per use for translation. However, de-crypting Pro/E files is free, so you de-crypt using PS-Exchange and then use the Pro/E importer in SW. Not as simple as direct import but it does get around the problem.

Copied from their site today;

"PS-Exchange allows you to translate files between a wide variety of standard formats, and it also allows you to decrypt Pro/Engineer

2000i, Pro/Engineer 2000i2 and Pro/Engineer 2001 files which can then be imported into your chosen CADCAM package.

PS-Exchange also allows you to Decrypt Pro/Engineer 2000i and Pro/Engineer 2000i2 files which can be imported into SolidWorks using 'Converter for Pro/Engineer'."

Wildfire does not appear to be supported yet.


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Jon Ross

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