fhelp fme

fI fhave fa fweird fcomputer fproblem fthats fputting fan ff fin ffront
fof feverything fI ftype. fAny fsuggestions ffor fsome fhelp???
f"Every fgun fthat fis fmade, fevery fwarship flaunched, fevery
frocket ffired, fsignifies fin fthe ffinal fsense fa ftheft ffrom fthose
fwho fhunger fand fare fnot ffed, fthose fwho fare fcold fand fare fnot
fclothed." f--- fDwight fD.f Eisenhower
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foff... :-) fLOL
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Tony O'Hara
Ftime ffor fa fnew fkeyboard f?
"fee" a écrit dans le message de news: bihm3k$21o8$ snipped-for-privacy@casey.uvic.ca...
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Jean Marc BRUN
fShouldn't fit fsay f"f--- fDwight fD. fEisenhower"
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Cad Rob
wouldn't there be an 'f' before every space and punctuation mark too?
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if you type you you get "fyou" this could become offensive. LOL
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Corey Scheich
Whatever you do, don't use that keyboard to email your wife to tell her you're going out after work with the guys for a few "ucks". It could cause some serious marital probs.
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One wouldn't want to be an artist, major in liberal arts or go to the art gallery either. Art Linkletter?
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Bruce Wirkkala

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