how to change default directory where files are saved

how to change default directory where files are saved, can any
advice? for eg. now everything is saved at C:\Documents an
Settings\my name, but i want it to be saved at D:\My Documents. bt
im using 2000
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Set your working directory
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Ben Loosli
It's one of those directories you specify on the first one or two screens of PTCSetup. It was always kind of confusing what they were asking for but oneof them changes the 'Star in' directory. If you were running Wildfire, the setup is considerably more user friendly and transparent. It would be immediately obvious where you change the default startup directory, but the same thing has existed for a long time.
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David Janes
The working directory is set to your "Start In" directory for the icon that launches Pro/E. After you start Pro/E you can then set the working directory to another location. You could create icons for different projects with the Start In directory for the shortcut pointing to the different directories.
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For ProE 2001 in Windows you can right click the icon used to launch ProE, select Properties, and enter the desired default working directory in the "Start in:" field.
I've set mine to c:\proe\. So ProE now always starts with this as the working directory. I also store my file, start model, etc in this directory. I added the following lines to my file to direct ProE to look in c:\proe for my config files.
! DIRECTORIES mdl_tree_cfg_file C:\proe\tree.cfg pro_colormap_path C:\pro_e\ trail_dir C:\proe\trail\ pro_plot_config_dir C:\proe\ plot_file_dir C:\proe\ start_model_dir c:\proe\ template_solidpart start_part_airfoil.prt
This will set up the default working directory. Still, the first thing I do when I open ProE is to change the working directory to a subfolder containing models for a specific project. To save time I added the icon to change the working directory to the toolbar - it wasn't there by default for me.
To add the icon, right-click on the ProE toolbar, select Toolbar, select the Commands tab, under the File Category, drag the 3rd icon a folder with a red check mark and drop it in your toolbar.
Dave Parker
hell9 wrote:
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This is all good stuff if you're using 2001 and later revs. Anyone know if works with 2000i, the one that hell9 said he was using? Some of it could depend on the operating system and not so much Pro/e such as the "start in" directory. But the toolbar stuff didn't come until later, I'm pretty sure.
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David Janes

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