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How does one find out what the current working directory is outside of ProE? Other than just seeing what is is off the title bar

Or even passing the path info as a parameter.... &path or &working_directory???? there's &model_name.... but no full path

I'm using r2001 , is this in WF


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checked the achives but don't see that there is one... question has been posed quite a few times.. is it in WF now?

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A system window.. batch file to write out or use set statement use that point the app back to the working directory

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You just choose File -> Set Working Directory. It will show yo the current working directory.

Are you trying to change your startup working directory

Glenn |B

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Seems like it might work, but kind of a roundabout way. Since you have the system window open anyway and the system window opens in the working directory, why not start your app from there. If you type notepad, for instance, notepad will open pointing to the working directory for file open/save functions. No special set or path statements required.

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David Janes

What I wanting to do is to get Word and some other apps. to follow ProE around based on what ProE's current working directory is.

I like keeping all the associated files that I might be using in the same directory, makes it soooo much easier when you have to go back and find something. It's a pain in the neck, really it's a pain somewhere else :-) to have to keep changing the path on the other programs.. would like something that a little more automagic. and in doing so one should also be able to drop a path note in a drawing since the working dir is the key to the rest.

Sure I could just have a folder open with explorer to wherever I had set my WD and go from there and tweakui is GREAT for setting that up and getting rid of some of those create new program that you never use.

There are certainly methods to get it done, I'd like a mapkey that will manage it

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you can do the following wiith Windoze. Unix scripting will vary slightly_

Start a mapkey and set it up as a shell script. the script

set filestring=%CD%\filename.ext start notepad %filestring%

now, filename.ext is whatever file you have , eg myfile.xls

notepad willl be replaced with whatever app and full pathname to it if required

a sample mapkey mapkey bb @SYSTEMset filestring=\%CD\%\\filename.txt\nstart notepad \%filestring\%\n;

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I did manage to get this to do what i was looking for and can use it to paste in a path note in a drawing too, left the mapkey for note out as it is pretty straight forward Now when I launch Word off quick launch, it has the macro command line edits.. it is running in the wd and looks there for files and pictures

Stu.. I'll try your method on some of these apps that don't have the marco option..Thanks All :-)

  1. mapkey-----------------

mapkey wd @SYSTEMC:\\proe2001\\batch\\workdir.bat;

  1. batch file--------------

cd > c:\workdir.txt

if you want Word to follow the working dir around then add this macro to or template of your choice create shortcut- add space after .exe /mmacro1 and /ttemplatename if you use other than normal, might have to have the /ttemplatename before the macro part

Sub Macro1() Open "c:\workdir.txt" For Input As #1 Input #1, fstr Options.DefaultFilePath(wdDocumentsPath) = fstr Options.DefaultFilePath(wdPicturesPath) = fstr Close #1 End Sub

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Thanks to all that helped in this, it has made my life much easier. This forum and the others is what it is all about Helping each other out.You hit that brick wall that you don't seem to be able to get around, post the question and behold before you know it there is a alternative that gets you going again. That old proverb "Two Head are Better than One" certainly is kicked up a notch :-)

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