.plt files/ How to?

How do I create plot files?
Appreciate any info.
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Check the "Plot to File" box in the Print/Plot dialog. ___
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straight *g*
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Tom This might sound long but it is well worth the time and effort once it is done and completed.
To make it easy to repeat the same setup over and over again, You need to set up a plotter type on AutoCAD that is configured to create the plot file format that is needed or use an existing plotter.
Then make a page setup that does the following; - sets the plot device - sets the pen type. - In the plot to file put a check the Plot in file box. These 3 are set in the Plot Device tab of the page setup dialog box.
Next on the - Set the paper size - set the plot area. - set the plot scale - drawing orientation.
After all this is done, in the Page setup Name box "Layout Setting" tab pick the add button and give the current setup a name.
A good way to do start this is to do this in a blank drawing with only your typical border inserted, to set the extents.This is then saved as a plot style drawing.
You can then use this setup , or any others created, as often as needed
These setup can then be imported using the add button in the page setup or plot dialog boxes and then the Import button and browsing to find and select the needed setup. There need to different setups for model space and layout space.
You can even setup custom buttons or menu selections that does the import and plot on the command line, this is very fast. These plot setups can also be used in the Batch Plot utility.
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