Editing bodies that have been saved to individual part files

I have created a multi-body part file then saved the bodies as
individual parts, these individual parts are in turn inserted into
some assemblies, but after editing the multi-body part file (adding
some cuts which in turn changed the body names in the multi-body part
file) the individual part files have gotten "confused" and some are
now referencing the wrong body from the multi-body part file so that
now two of these individual part files are referencing the same body
which means that one body from the multi-body part file no longer has
an individual part file.
Does anyone know how to edit these individual part files so that I can
tell it which body I want to reference? So far I have not found a way
to do this.
Of course one way would be to delete one of the duplicate individual
part files then just re-save the missing body as an individual part
file but I am trying to avoid doing that if possible.
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We've been aware of this issue for quite a while and I apologize for this limitation. We had to do some significant work on it but we finally have a fix for it in 2008 and I think it works pretty good. In 2008 you can edit the stock part feature in the derived part to reassign bodies; and you can even do it to a different master part and with multiple split part features. This should make "Save Bodies" and "Split Part" much more useful. With 2007 and previous, using a simple derive part (insert part) and deleting the bodies that you don't need, gives the user options when unforseen changes happen in the master model. 2008 should eliminate the need to do this.
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Thanks for your response. Sounds like this is a step in the right direction.
I am currently using an add-in the relies heavily on saving bodies to part files so I look forward to seeing how SW implements this solution.
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