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Upgraded from 2000i to WF2 and really like the preview feature for drawings, parts and assemblies without having to open them, but had a hard time finding the config file option save_drawing_picture_file (I set it to "embed" so there are no extra files created). This allowed me to preview the drawings. Now I wish all of our thousands of parts, etc. were saved with Wildfire so I can preview them.

Now for the question: Is there a way to batch save entire directories???

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Jason L
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Not really, you could run pro-e without a graphics window in th background and write a program to open file all drawings, but it' pretty labor intensive

Your best bet would be to set the setting and then let i

do it's thing when the drawing files are opened

Sorry, Glenn |B

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could it be done through Distributed Pro/Batch? If

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Jason L

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