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This option is available in SW03 - RMB a config under the config tab and click "New Exploded view" when the menu pops up click Auto explode.

This is the same for SW04 PR1

Regards, Scott

I have been looking at the new features in Solidworks 2004 for > assembly drawings and am really impressed. The new auto-ballooning > and multiple configuration BOM's should cut my time doing assembly > documentation in half and keep me from searching for those pesky > little parts like nearly identical sized fasteners in a 150 part > assembly (where's waldo). Now if someone could only tell me how to > get the auto explode to work I would be really happy. Has anybody > been able to get it to work or figure out how it tries to rearrange > parts? Does it use mate type, order, insertion location, (pick-up > sticks)? Any clues would be much appreciated.
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Same results here. Only solution I am aware of is to do it manually. IMO, autoexplode is worthless.

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Merry :-)

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