Realflight G3 interlink crack

Anyone know how to bypass the Interlink Plus search before the game starts?

I have an old Interlink controller I got with RFG2 lite but it doesn't work with G3.

Also need a crack to get rid of the registration so you can get updates = anyone have the URL for the updates for manual d/l?

Help. Its basically a dongle emulator we need

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If I knew, I wouldn't tell you how to cheat the programmer and retailer out of their profits.

Have you ever considered actually BUYING something instead of trying to get everything for free????

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Bob Cowell

No !

Of course it won't.

Doubt you will find that, and I wouln't pass it on if I did know how to crack it.

I know.......but no again. I do have a G2 system with a couple add ons for sale very reasonable.

Ken Day

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Ken Day

I have nexstar simulator and I=B4m trying to get this crack too

if you find something please tell me=20


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What you are asking for is illegal and anyone that helps you is also breaking the law. If you want the program, PAY FOR IT.

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Tom Moody


If I lived in USA of couse i could pay for it

But in Brazil the software is more expensive than a real plane with radio and motor and I want to learn how to fly first

I already get the copies of realflight G2 and G3 and Aerofly using Emule but my interface cable is not working

Some one could help me


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refer to Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links,

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a number of freeware programs, most of which will assist as well as the expensive "games". You do not need all the photographic images of each blade of grass to learn up to intermediate level.

"Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads.Simulators.Interface" as follows =

TX 2 TX *** Buddy Box System Operation - RCFU Interface Adapters & Connectors - inc new Futaba Hitec USB Flight Sim Interface (for Hitec Futaba JR Transmitters) + FMS *** Simulators - RC Aircraft and Sailing etc

Aerochopper Review Aerofly & Easyfly = IPACS ClearView RC Helicopter Simulator CSM Dave Brown RCFS 2001 Fly RC Free simulator = Ron's Software Page FMS Homepage - Freeware FMS Links FMS Downloads, arguably the best personal effort *** FMS - Links to many downloads for FMS and scenery design etc FMS Serial Interface for GWS Glider 3D ; RC Sailplanes Simulator Offshore Sailing - Free simulator Pre-Flight (Free Download - buy interface kit) RCFSim v6.01 (2004) - Freeware RealFlight Home Page Reality Craft - RC Plane Master Reflex Flugsimulator Reflex models and scenery - additional downloads by W3 Group RC New Zealand - Free skins for realflight RC-Sim Downloads for Aerofly, FMS, Reflex, RFG 2, etc *** Sail - Free download Slope Soaring Simulator - Free download Tru-Flite Technology TTi Tom's - How to set up PC USB Port, Calibrate TX and more Vertigo flight simulator YSFlight - Freeware

Simulator controllers

Build an R/C Stick Joystick - The Flying Penguin Futaba Controller - TX Conversion - RCFU TX PC Interface - kitset - Ken Hewitt FMS - Free Flying Model Simulator - Interface DIY instructions FMS Free Flight Simulator - Make your own Interface FMS Serial Interface - D.I.Y for GWS

Trainer Cords, Servo and Extension Lead pinouts etc

Buddy box lead info Forgues Research - replacing RC system leads with Fibre Optic Futaba (FM) Trainer Cord Futaba AM Trainer cord Futaba to JR Buddy Lead Futaba/Hitec to JR/GWS trainer lead *** Futaba AM to FM Trainer Cord Interface Adapters & Connectors - inc new Futaba Intelligent Buddy Box Lead - JR to Hitec or Futaba JR Buddy box lead - antoon - gadgets Misc RC leads etc - Ken Hewitt Multiplex to Hitec or Futaba buddy lead schematic Sanwa (aka Airtronics) AM_FM Trainer Cord Servos - Wiring Diagrams = use with other brand RX.

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Go over to this forum:

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They have an international audience and someone might help you out.


Mr Akimoto

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Mr Akimoto

Mr Akimto

I try to send a messagem but I dont have permission to do this

Could you help me ? Thank you


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My original G3 controller USB cord was chewed by my cat. I would lik

to use my old G2 controller instead of buying a new one. Did anyon have any luck finding the interlink solution? Or does anyone know i you can buy just a new G3 controller from realflight?

Please Let me know, Thanks

-- ajc348

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A soldering iron and some heatshrink would do wonders. Won't be as asthetically pleasing as it was direct from RealFlight, but it'll work.

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" wrote in message news:

That's kind of funny. I have a cat in the house, too. Every once in a while, she gets a wild hair and chews on the coiled handset cord of the old telephone. What is it with cats and cords?

By the way, I now keep my cat behaving with this:

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Good flying, desmobob

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Robert Scott

Hi. please send me to a dongle emulator please... Crack...

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Good luck with that, I spent a lot of time searching for that a while back, couldn't find anything...except viruses.

...I downloaded the G3 demo in the weekend, and found it to be more of a toy than a tool. I've been using FMS to learn to fly on, mainly practicing landings. I had a quick go on the G3 demo and found landings to be too easy, the plane didn't really bounce or anything, granted I had to use the keyboard and I think wind was turned off.

I would say if you want something more realistic go for FMS (its free). If you want something that looks pretty, and is more game like, shell out the $$ and get G3.

my 2c

Anyone else got comments on this?

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Tony Beswick

I haven't tried any of the expensive sims... I use FMS when I want to play on the computer. I think it's pretty darn good, especially considering the price!

Good flying, desmobob

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I've had in my time, (and in order) FMS, Easyfly, Ripmax's RC Simulator ( Borrowed from a friend not bought) Realflight g2, Reflex XTR and currently using Aerofly Pro Deluxe. Before anyone says I'm not rich, I buy them used and tend to sell on the "old" one.

FMS is OK and free, Easy fly was a covermount disk with a UK magazine and OK,

Ripmax one was OK, had planes i knew (and owned) but won't work in XP and is no longer supported.

G2 was OK, but you can't add in planes other than via buying addins, and in the UK, great planes models are not that common, so it's not that great,

Currently I tend to fly Aerofly, but still like XTR, Aerofly is more polished as a program, whereas XTR is a bit more flexible, Aerofly does not seem to do weather (but as I've had it a week I've not fully read the manual) XTR does. Both let you design and add in planes.

I'd lean towards aerofly at the moment but XTR is as good, just a little rough around the edges, but my best advice would be to get one which has the planes you fly already programmed in.

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How much can I say that you can relate to? I fly, and have seen the various sims. I use G3 exclusively. Its only fault is that it needs a pretty "big" PC, especially in the graphics card. I don't mind. It makes good use of it.

My advice is also free; take it for what it's worth. Having good graphics shouldn't be a crime. In fact, it's a feature well worth the price. G3 does an especially good job with sky glare and losing the model against the gloom of surrounding trees. The "eye candy", most assuredly, is not in compensation for imagined lacks.

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Mike Young

Well said, Mike Young. I too am a happy owner of G3. It's not inexpensive, but I have the PC to run it and I have no doubt I'm getting my money's worth!

I fly FMS with my Interlink controller, too.

I don't have anything against Aerofly Professional Deluxe, I was just more familiar with the aircraft modelled in G3. I'm excited about the new G3 specific add-on pack coming in March. There seems to be a lot of activity recently to continue updating and improving G3.

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Ed Paasch

By the way, have you got a chance to compare G3 (yes G3, not G2) with Aerofly Pro Deluxe?? I wonder if G3 has improved its physics model over G2, hopefully G3 is not just an improvement over photo realistic graphics over G2 and had added/fixed more features that is truly designed as a SIMULATOR (and not just a PC Game) in mind...

I'm trying to decide which one I should buy -- RealFlight G3 or Aerofly Pro Deluxe?? I only have budget to buy ONE, what would be everyone's suggestions?? Thanks!

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