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Real view is an new option in SW04 true, but when SW is in beta the items or new options in Beta are confidiental to SW and the beta testers. SW04 just went PR1 which it's still beta just closer to being released.

Maybe you can talk them into buying the Quadro FX500 then give your Matrox to someone down the line?

I found a good buy on this card by they would have to be back ordered last I checked.

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Just checked it out and they have some in stock again.

Regards, Scott

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"rob" a écrit dans le message de news: GLWXa.5$

IIRC, RealView (utility for dual screen mainly) is a standard feature of NVidia products. The new is its peculiar (?) use with 2004 (?)

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Jean Marc BRUN

I have recently got a new box to run solidworks on as the one I had was not performing to well.with large assemblies.

I liased with our IT department that looked on the Solidworks website to see what they should be ordering!

So they ordered a compaq 2.6Ghz with 1Gb of RAM and a matrox G550 graphics card, as this was readily available and passed all the tests on the SolidWorks website.

Last week I went to a presentation on SW 2004 and was told theres a really neat feature called real view, which can only be used using an Nvidea graphics card!!!

Brilliant! something i cannot use in the new version of SW on a box that that is 8 weeks old!

Making me a little bit 'cheesed off'!!!

Imagine if Ford starting making cars that could only do over 30 MPH if the fuel was bought at a Shell filling station!

or worse again if sony only made CD players that played only britany spears songs!!!!



Conned from newcastle uk!!

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G550 is a serious 2d / web designer card... nothing else.

NV and ATI are str> shame , its too late now

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Hate to say it, Rob, but that's the kind of thing you can expect when you ask IT people to do the buying for CAD stations. You could have asked on this newsgroup and you might have gotten an answer that would have helped you. OR you could have asked your VAR to do the research for you (if they would) or you could have asked SolidWorks Technical Support (they've always been helpful to me). Hopefully you've learned a lesson . . . do your own research.


rob wrote:

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shame , its too late now

guess i will have to dream about real view!

Whats the issue with confidentiality? does this mean it might work on any cards?

I dont work for SW or do BETA testing, I am only quoting what I have been told at demos



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From the experience of others in the news group, it is definitely possible. There are two ways I can think of to see if it is actually the graphics card that is causing the crash: put in a better graphics card and see if the problem goes away or try running in safe mode without using the card at all. This last one would be incredibly painful.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems

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Jerry Steiger

...and you can also try Software OpenGL mode.

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

I found Cadalyst's Lab reviews quite helpful in making my hardware decisions. I ended up purchasing from Xi with absolutely no complaints.

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Do you think that would really pin it down? If the crashes went away, then you could blame the card, but if the crashes don't go away, do you really know it's not the card's fault? How much of what a card does is included in OpenGL?

Jerry Steiger

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Jerry Steiger

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