Graphics card for gaming & solidworks!?!

This appears to be asking for the impossible!....but if anyone has
experience of a card that will run solidworks and also run the newer 3d
games, (ie DEUS EX 2 which ask for graphics cards with pixel shader) then
please advise...
We currently have the Quadro 550 XGL, but it won't run the newer games - and
this is a family pc.
We have looked at the ATI All-in-wonder 9600 pro, which seems to be a good
all round card, but of course it's not a workstation card....
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I have the same "problem" I need a new computer and having trouble picking out a graphicscard. If and when you find a solution please let me know.
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Sam Soltan
in what way will it not run games?
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Check the Wiki FAQ :
formatting link
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Philippe Guglielmetti
"p.matchett" wrote in news:P_RHc.394$
I use an ati 9800 pro and it's honestly fine, I admit it's not the best at sw but new drivers have dealt with all the major issues it use to have. It doesn't support realview so that's something to keep in mind. End result is: it doesn't hamper working at all and actually rotates smoother than the quadra 980 xgl I've tried.
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