Graphics card for SW 2006 & 2007

I had a computer rep advise me to use a NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 256MB
video card for SW 2006 and 2007 applications.
Has anyone used these card or familiar with them? I did look on the SW
website, it was not listed.
Any help is appreciated.
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I use one in my home system and it's hands down faster than the Quadro at work. Even in large assemblies. The only thing you don't get is RealView graphics, but those aren't very useful. You can use NVIDIA's regular Forceware drivers and shouldn't have any problems. The certified 8x.xx series for Quadros should work just as well, but they're not required.
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Do ever have any problems with slow downs when you have several windows open at once (an assm or 2 and several part files) with your 7600GT? I had bought a quadro FX500 (or 550?, don't remember at the moment) for my home machine so I didn't have to deal with any of the problems I had in the past with gaming cards (Nvidia 5900 and earlier). Are those problems gone now?
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