ACad 2012 graphics card query

Wife has an I5 with 16 gigs ram in it. Newer motherboard with Intels dual-head "HD graphics" on-board.

She complains at how slow the pc is within Acad. She's doing large architectural structure drawings (tech term "interference" drawings).

We're considering putting in an add-on graphics card. problem is Autodesk seems to "certify" only a small number of cards and they are not commonly found in a store. Online presents problems with things like when card comes does it also include the dongle cables for dual-head etc. etc.

I'm wondering if or why not a decent newer more commonly found ATI/nVidia "gaming" card wouldn't do just as well.

Opinions appreciated, experience really appreciated.

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Interesting discussion at

I'm in the "I really need to get a new box" mode myself, so all I can offer is opinions, but searching on "quadro vs gtx" or similar terms should turn up some folks with real runtime.

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