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Would someone in this Group have a driver for an Invidia Quadro-4 Model P-80 Graphics Card? My Operating System is Windows XP. I was not able to get the exact driver for this model on the Invidia Site, for some reason. If anyone has it and is willing to U/L it to me, please E-Mail me and I will provide you up with a link to my FTP site. I have a Cable Connection, and you should get speed in excess of 200K. The file should be around 25MB. Thanks in advance, G.De Angelis

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That's a very odd model #.

All Nvidia Quadro cards are produced ( or marketed) exclusively by PNY. It used to be ELSA, but they went belly up.

That being said, the model number for Quadro 4 series would be something like "750XGL", "980XGL", etc.

Is your card an OEM for an HP, Dell, IBM, or other big company ? They'll sometimes put there own part number on these things.

Anyway, it doesn't matter because Nvidia uses a unified driver scheme. Go to this site

formatting link
and download the latest Quadro 4 driver. On installation, it will automatically sense the card and install the correct configuration for it. That is "IF" it's a Quadro 4 XGL, and not a Quadro 4 NVS (which isn't even a 3D card).

Make sure you uninstall your current video drivers first, and reboot. Installing new drivers over old ones can really screw things up all by itself.

Good luck


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