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When I have Assemblies or Parts open in two or more windows, I cannot spin shaded models, i.e. the model disappears once the component or assembly is rotated until the motion stops then the shaded model re-appears.

I would like someone to tell me that I can set an option in but I have a feeling that this may have something to do with my graphics card, and the fact that it is not a workstation type.

I'm running proE 2001 on Windows 2000. My graphics card is gaming card Geforce FX5600 128mb DDR. Any help appreciated.


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Maybe try setting the config option GRAPHICS to WIN32_GDI. It should solve one problem and create 1-2 others. That will prove it's a card/driver problem, just about a given with a Geforce FX card. Couple of possibilities: soft-quadro this card (anyone ever seen a list of the cards that can be softquadroed?) or spend a decent amount of money, a sum worthy of a powerful, professional, topoftheline, feature based, parametric, solid modelling design/detailing/analysis package. My rule of thumb is that you'll not go amiss to allocate 30% to 50% of the cost price of your workstation to the graphics card. In Pro/e, nothing matters more for speed, scalability (more windows) and reliability (doesn't crash 3 times a day) than the graphics card. And nothing will give you more grief than a shit one.

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