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Does someone have ever tried Specviewperf benchmarks (proe) with recent geforce cards ? (8800 gts, 8600...) What were the results ? Is it ok for Proe ?

Thanks, GB

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I know nothing about the 88 or 8600 cards. I have an nVidia GeForce 6800 GS card that works pretty well for Pro/e. It's kind of jumpy on shaded models but the other view modes work very smoothly. With 500M of memory, it doesn't slow down with multiple models open. I hear it could be "soft quadroed" to a Quadro FX 4600, but I haven't tried that. As with most GeForce cards, your

86 & 8800 cards will probably suffer from partially activated OpenGL features which the Quadro FX GPUs have fully enabled. At the same time, I know of no head to head tests of the GeForce cards and their comparable Quado FX. Their is a very strong feeling in Pro/e circles that, for professional results, you need the Quadro cards just as you need a workstation, not just any old Windows PC (gaming "screamer" or not).

David Janes

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