Have you ever noticed.....

linked notes on the sheet format picking up values from the part in a
quirky manner. Specifically:
1. Custom properties filled in with all required information (around
ten properties)
2. Config Specific custom properties filled in with placeholder text
3. Notes tied to part via $prpsheet:{PartNo}
4. Notes show config specific values "-".
5. Deleting individual config specific values does not allow
CustomProperty values to show through.
6. Deleting all config specific values allows Custom Property values to
show through.
7. Adding Config specific custom props one at a time does not now
override ordinary custom props.
2004 SP5.0
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It drove me nuts once trying to figure out what was going on with this. A couple of years back working with a new client who used a lot of configs but only used custom properties not configuration specific properties.
I came along using custom property manager and added config specific properties this stuffed up a lot of drawings -- it confused the hell out of me at the time. So I eventually figured out I needed to copy the custom properties to the config specific ones.
John Layne
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John Layne
Somewhere in the software it seemed like there was an all or nothing toggle. Arrgh. Another 15 minutes wasted for two engineer's trying to figure out something that I don't think is documented very well.
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